What is evening dessert & these "evening hours" you always mention?


Every Fridays & Saturdays we open later in the evening. We'll close at 6pm as usual, take a couple of hours off and then re-open from 8pm until 11pm. Yes, you read that right!


Q: But Why?

A: Why not! We've always done things a bit differently, but the whole reason for our extended evening hours is simple: we think you should be able to get your hands on some of our stuff even later in the day. Ever gone out for an amazing dinner only to want to grab more dessert after? Or want to catch up with a friend but don't necessarily want to go to a bar? Or maybe you just have a craving for one of our cookies and couldn't make it in during the day. 


Q: When exactly are these "special hours"?

A: Every Friday & Saturday, 8pm-11pm unless otherwise specified


Q: What kinds of products are offered during these times?

A: Everything you would find during our usual hours (permitted that we haven't sold out for the day), plus a few specials that we only offer during the evening. At the top of this page is a mix of evening desserts present and past. Think fresh baked canneles, seasonal pavlova or millefeuille that's finished to order. Feel free to call us to inquiry about our specials for the week to avoid disappointment. 

Q: Can I reserve a seat?

A: Unfortunately we still operate on a first come, first serve basis. We're such a small shop! 

Q: What if I'm coming with a big group?

A: We only have 4 official tables, which can seat up to 12 people. We also have a small bar area if you're okay with enjoying your dessert vertically. In the summer we have a picnic table in the back and some benches on the front, but otherwise we're really not equipped for large groups.