We get a lot of questions about the difference between our two locations.

Roselle East (362 King St East) is our original location. We opened this cozy pastry shop in early 2015 in Corktown. We have limited seating (4 tables) there and serve up our signature cakes, caramels, cookies as well as our ever loved and very seasonal Earl Grey softserve. Our hours are 11am-6pm Wed-Sunday. We also do our evening hours (Fridays + Saturdays, 8pm-11pm) at this location, where we'll serve up seasonal, made-to-order items.

Roselle West (108 Dovercourt Rd) is our second and flagship location. We opened in August 2019 after months of transforming the original art gallery space. Though it's bigger than our original location in Corktown, we have no official seating. Just a window bar and benches outside during warmer months. Our focus here was to expand our kitchen so we can introduce something we've always dreamed of making: viennoiserie. Here, we offer our signature cakes, caramels, cookies and croissants, pain au chocolat, bostock, kouign-amann...Our hours are a bit longer here to accomadate the enjoyment of these traditional breakfast items. We open 8:00am-6:00pm Wed-Sat and 9am-6pm on Sundays.

East or West, our passion is the same: to provide you with delicious, quality desserts that make you happy.

What’s the difference between Roselle East and Roselle West?

Apart from our usual individual cakes selection (please see the "Our Pastries" tab for a current list), we do offer a whole cakes (larger sizes) to help you celebrate that special occasion. You can find our list under "Whole Cakes". Unfortunately we do not do custom cakes as they are not our specialty. We ask for 3 days minimum notice on them since we make them to order. For your convenience, we have a cake order form that you can fill out under our "Whole Cakes" tab. Please wait for our email confirmation. It takes us 24 hours at most. Cakes can be picked up at either Roselle East or West, please let us know your preference.

Do you sell whole cakes?

Yes! We always have and we always will. We use real eggs, premium chocolate, real cream and butter, always. From the buttery almond tart shells, the candied nuts inside, the soft sponge layers, mousse, glaze..we believe you can taste the difference when things are made from scratch and with love. All of our cakes are multi-layered and usually take days from start to completion. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Do you make everything from scratch?

Do you wholesale?

No, not our pastries.  They are best enjoyed fresh at our shop. Although we do bake a few exclusive cookies for our neighbours Tandem (they're great- black sesame latte is a must try!) just a few doors down.

We do wholesale our caramels, please e-mail us at hello@roselleto.com for more information.

Can I pre-order and pick up my desserts in store?

We do get pretty busy on weekends.  We are happy to set aside some of our usual items for you to ensure that you are not disappointed when you arrive.  Call us at Roselle East (416)368-8188 or Roselle West (647)352-8088 with your order and be ready with your credit card information to prepay over the phone.

When do you sell your soft serve ice cream?

We sell soft serve ice cream with recipes we have developed ourselves. No generic, sugary, industrially mixes here.  It is a seasonal item that is weather-dependant. We are currently only offering it at Roselle East.

Evening Hours?


Q: What is evening dessert & these "evening hours" you always mention?

A: Every Friday & Saturday we open later in the evening at Roselle East.
We'll close at 6pm as usual, take a couple of hours off and then re-open from 8pm until 11pm. Yes, you read that right!


Q: But Why?

A: Why not! We've always done things a bit differently, but the whole reason for our extended evening hours is simple:
We think you should be able to get your hands on some of our stuff even later in the day.
Ever gone out for an amazing dinner only to want to grab more dessert after?
Or want to catch up with a friend but don't necessarily want to go to a bar?
Or maybe you just have a craving for one of our cookies and couldn't make it in during the day.


Q: When exactly are these "special hours"?

A: Every Friday & Saturday, 8pm-11pm unless otherwise specified


Q: What kinds of products are offered during these times?

A: Everything you would find during our usual hours (permitted that we haven't sold out for the day),
plus a few specials that we only offer during the evening.

Think seasonal pavlova, Ontario fruit sundaes or millefeuille that's finished to order.
Feel free to call us to inquiry about our specials for the week to avoid disappointment.


Q: Can I reserve a seat?

A: Unfortunately we still operate on a first come, first serve basis. We're such a small shop!


Q: What if I'm coming with a big group?

A: We only have 4 official tables, which can seat up to 12 people. We also have a small bar area if you're okay with enjoying your
dessert vertically.
In the summer we have a picnic table in the back and some benches on the front, but otherwise we're really not equipped for large groups.