The Art of Asking!

Hello Friends, 

Over the year, Stephanie and I have been lucky to have such a supportive community to help us grow and realize our dream at Roselle.  

We are in the middle of trying to win the ADP Business grant of $10,000 for our small business. This money will go a long way in helping us reinvest and improve our humble shop. 

It will give us a chance to invest in new equipment. We are hoping to improve our drink menu with an espresso machine and also to upgrade our soft serve ice cream machine in order to meet the growing demand for our soft serve ice cream this summer. Last year, our ice cream was voted one of the best soft serve in the city of Toronto, thanks to you!

Here is how you can help: 

  1. Vote daily! for the entire month of February here:
    You are allowed to vote once per day, so please do this everyday : ) 
  2. How to Vote!  When you click "vote" it will ask you to either sign Facebook or email. It takes 2 seconds! 
  3. Share! Help us find people in your network (friends, or family, even grandma!) who can do the same and share our love of Roselle

Every vote goes a long way. Thank you again for your help and continued support! 

Bruce & Stephanie

Lovely photo by Rosemary

Lovely photo by Rosemary