Thank you!!!

Friends, thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of absolute love. Thank you for taking time to share with us your fierce support of us. Your stories, humour, advice, and all around encouragement came so swiftly and generously. We read every single one comment with deep gratitude. We truly have the best customers.

We are young business owners trying to learn from our experiences.  This experience has taught us that there is a very small group of people with whom you cannot win.  They are not offering any constructive criticism that we can use to improve. They are not looking for a positive outcome.  There is nothing we can do to make them happy. And that's okay. We accept this as a reality of growing and reaching a larger audience.  Yay, we made it!

But online hate is not what we do, nor do we want to direct any more attention to these types of negativity.  Life is too short and too precious.

We have so many exciting projects planned for this year and look forward to sharing it with you  Let’s move forward. We have a business to run and wonderful customers to bake for. Join us in laughing it off

Thank you so much. We can’t say it enough.

So much love, Steph, Bruce & The Roselle Team