Do you wholesale?

No, not our pastries.  They are best enjoyed fresh at our shop. Although we do bake a few exclusive cookies for our neighbours Tandem (they're great- black sesame latte is a must try!) just a few doors down.

We do wholesale our caramels, please e-mail us at for more information.

Can I pre-order and pick up my desserts in store?

We do get pretty busy on weekends.  We are happy to set aside some of our usual items for you to ensure that you are not disappointed when you arrive.  Call us at (416)368-8188 with your order and be ready with your credit card information to prepay over the phone.

When do you sell your soft serve ice cream?

We sell soft serve ice cream with recipes we have developed ourselves. No generic, sugary, industrially mixes here.  It is a seasonal item that is weather-dependant.  We are currently only offering it everyday! Yay!! .